Vision, Mission, Values, Goals

mother and child



We will be known as a premier resource for single parents that enable and empower them to become self-supporting to achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their children


Our purpose is to provide support, encouragement and guidance to single parents in the pursuit of identifying life choice options that will enhance their opportunities for career advancement and independence.


At MCRC we:

  • Demonstrate stewardship of resources
  • Encourage personal development through education and life skills
  • Respect every individual
  • Build/cultivate open and honest relationships
  • Maintain a growth mindset that promotes creativity and initiative
  • Promote partnerships vs competition


  • Break the poverty cycle through better life choices and higher education
  • Develop clients into contributing members of society
  • Cultivate ongoing volunteer and donor support
  • Develop resources through partnering with other non-profit organizations, government agencies, educational facilities, churches etc.
  • Increase organizational awareness throughout the region


Changing the future of Kentucky’s kids, one mom at a time.